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main features

Automatic in-line processor for flexo solvent plates (chlorate and no chlorate) with thickness up to 7mm

  • Intuitive user-friendly HMI touch screen controlling all the steps of the process
  • Wash out section and pre-dryer suitable for analogue and digital plates (separated digital black mask removal section included)
  • Wash out carried out through a set of 5 flat orbital brushes, with automatic height/pressure adjustment, according to the plate thickness and desired relief
  • Final cleaning of both sides of the plate through a set of cylindrical brushes and fresh solvent
  • Pin bar transportation system Punching integrated in the unit
  • Easy plate loading mechanism Fully automated temperature control (heater/chiller)
  • Automated control and management system of the solvent viscosity for automatic regeneration Pre-dryer with control system of the plate presence
  • Fume exhaust system
  • Possibility to store personalized recipes for every job
  • Possibility to work with external barrels or directly with distillation systems
  • Possibility of remote control and working data download

technical data

MODEL 30/40 36/47 42/60 52/80
Max Plate Dimensions 780x1030 mm
920x1320 mm
1070x1530 mm

1320x2030 mm
Dimension WxDXH cm 142x366x140 156x416x140 172x416x140 199x472x140
Weight kg 1000 1250 1370 1500
Power Supply

230V 50/60Hz 3PH+GND
400V 50/60Hz 3PH+N+GND

Power kW 9 9 9 10
Tank Capacity (l) 70+25 125+25 142+25 177+32
Air Consumption (l/min) 10
Pressure (bar) 6

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