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Main Features

Combination processor for flexo water plates

  • Independent processing sections
  • Compatible with analogue and digital plates
  • Fastening section on a table with permanent sticky plate
  • Washout of the whole plate surface through an orbital movement of the brush segment Independent movement of the table during the wash out cycle
  • Main exposure and finishing sections equipped with LEDs indicating the status of each lamp Intuitive user-friendly HMI touch screen controlling all the steps of the process
  • Temperature control of the wash out solution and dryer Filtration system
  • Remote connection possibility
  • Compressed air and water supply required

Technical Data

 MODEL 25/30
Max Plate Dimension 635x762 mm
Machine Dimension WxDxH cm 129x120x124
Recycle Dimension WxDxH cm 112x75x110
Machine Weight kg 470
Recycle Weight kg 180
Power Supply
400V 3PH+N+GND 50/60Hz
230V 3PH+GND 50/60Hz
Power kW 10
Tank Capacity (l) 95
Filter Capacity (l) 23
Filtering Air (cm2) 1800
Air Consumption (l/min) 50
Pressure (bar) 6
Exposure UVA Lamps 13x60W 10R L. 1200 mm
Post-Exposure UVA Lamps 12x60W 10R L. 900 mm
Exposure UVC Lamps 11x30W L. 900 mm

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