Automatic sleeve, both rigid and photopolymer, washout equipment  

  • The washout system works through three plane brushes with oscillating movement, automatically adapted to the cylinder surface
  • Working steps are: Washout time with chemical products, Solvent temperature, Drying through compressed air (model 200) and a sponge roll (120-150 Model)
  • Solvent charge and discharge through a pump
  • Filter for solvent to retain ink
  • Solvent tank puts on wheels to allow an accurate cleaning


  • Sleeve-bearing Jackets in different diameters
  • Possibility to load more than one jacket simultaneously
  • Sleeves charge and discharge made through compressed air for photopolymer sleeve
  120 150 200
Minimum sleeve diameter (mm) 90 90 90
Minimum sleeve diameter (inches) 3'' 3'' 3''
Maximum sleeve diameter (mm) 320 350 350
Maximum sleeve diameter (inches) 12 13 13
Tank capacity (l) 35 35 35
Wattage (kW) 2
Electrical supply 230V (1PH+N+GND) 50/60Hz      
Overall size
(LxWxH) (cm)
168x79x130 198x79x130 250x79x130
Weight (kgs) 300 350 400


Sleeve Cleaner 120 - Particolare
Sleeve Cleaner 120 - Particolare
Sleeve Cleaner 120 - Particolare
Sleeve Cleaner 120 - Particolare

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