Equipment for steel plate washing, with and without folds

  • Plate fixed on a magnetic cylinder and mechanic system which allows the agile removal
  • Cleaning cycle with solvent
  • Final washout through a sponge roller and water
  • Dryer section
  • Solvent tank with a filter bag and temperature
  • Charge and discharge level control
  • Touch Screen controller: regulation of the cylinder speed, regulation of the brushes movement speed, rinsing time, dryer time
  • Plates fixed thanks to a pedal which allows the cylinder rotation
  • Air compressed connection needed
Minimum plate format (mm) 20x20
Minimum plate format (inches) 0,79''x0,79''
Maximum plate format (mm) 600x1030
Maximum plate format (inches) 25''x30''
Tank capacity (l) 25
Wattage (kW) 3
Electrical supply 230V MONO 50/60Hz
Overall size (LxWxH) (cm) 130x83x123
Weight (kgs) 180

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