• In line processors for flexo-solvent plates (chlorate and unchlorate) with thickness up to 7 mms.
  • Cycle controlled by a touch screen plc Internet remote control
  • Plate transport via a pin bar
  • Relief of the plate produced by a special set of four orbital plate brushes, five in 52/80 model, with automatic height adjustment
  • Surface and back final cleaning via four rotator brushes and fresh solvent
  • Temperature of the solvent adjustable from 20 to 50° C / heaters / cooling system
  • Equipped with exhaust device
  • Equipped with exit table and hot air filtration


  • punch, available with 11 heads for the 30/40 size,13 heads for the 36/47 and 42/60, 15 heads for the 52/80, 6mm diameter
  • Digital plates section, pre-wash section with two cylindrical brushes
  30/40 36/47 42/60 52/80
Max plate size (mm) 780x1030 920x1320 1070x1530 1320x2030
Max plate size (inches) 30''x40'' 36''x51'' 42''x60'' 52''x80''
Tank capacity (l) 70 110 180 250
Wattage (kw)  5,5 8 8 8
Electrical supply 230V (3PH+GND) 60Hz
400V (3PH+N+GND) 50Hz
Overall size (LxWxH) (cm) 131x272x111 154x355x127 167x355x127 197x455x132
Overal size with CTP unit (LxWxH) (cm) 131x296x110 154x385x127 170x383x127 197x480x132
Weight (kgs)  600 700 800 1050


Processori in Linea
Linea 30/40
Processori in Linea
Linea 30/40
Processori in Linea
Processori in Linea
Linea 36/47

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