• Simultaneous processing system of the whole plate surface
  • Pre and main exposure with pump and vacuum gauge
  • Fastening section on a table with permanent sticky plate and automatic overturning Washout with automatic height adjustment of brushes and with an orbital and alternating movement. Independent movement of the table
  • Final cleaning section with one rotating cylindrical brush
  • Drying section with 2 independent drawers
  • Post-exposure and finishing section with leds informing the state of lamps 9 channel touch screen controller, for each thickness and relief required: pre-exp. Time, main exposure, washout time, quantity of automatic regeneration, post- exp. finishing, 2 times for each of the 2 drawers
  • Water and dryer section temperature control
  • Detergent doser pump
  • Sand filtration system
  27/35 30/40
Exposure size (mm) 700x900 780x1030
Exposure size (inches) 27''x35'' 30''x40''
Quantity developer in tank (l) 110 110
UVA exposure lamps N.16 60W 10R L.1200 N.16 60W 10R L.1200
UVA post-exposure lamps N.14 60W 10R L.1200 N.14 60W 10R L.1500
UVC lamps N.13 36W L.1200 N.13 36W L.1200
Maximum thickness processable (mm) 3,94 3,94
Wattage (kW)  15 15
Electrical supply 230V 3PH+GND 60Hz
400V 3PH+N+GND 50Hz
Overall size
(LxWxH) (cm)
290x180x135 290x180x135


Combi Flexo
Combi Flexo 27/35
Combi Flexo
Combi Flexo 30/40

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